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Welcome to Opals Worldwide Jewellery Design. We have a wide range of jewellery designs available for purchase, including diamond engagement rings, bracelets and bangles, pendants and necklaces, earrings and more. No matter your taste, budget and other requirements, you will be sure to find a jewellery piece you absolutely love with us! Along with this, we have a resource blog in which we post a host of information to do with jewellery design, industry news and more. Make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss out on any posts!

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DIAMOND ENGAGEMENT RINGS Giving an engagement ring to someone you love, and receiving an engagement ring from someone you love is arguably one of the best moments in life. It is for this exact reason that we put a lot of love into each and every one of our designs! We have an extensive collection so there is something for everyone, no matter your taste or budget.

BRACELETS AND BANGLES There is no better arm accessory than a beautiful bracelet or bangle. Whether you are looking for an eye-catching piece or something simple, you will find it here! We have many designs available for purchase, all of which are unique in their own way. No matter what you are after, you can be sure to find something you love with us!

PENDANTS AND NECKLACES Whether you are buying a pendant or necklace for yourself or a gift for someone else, you are sure to find one you love here. We have a wide selection of products available for purchase, all of which have been crafted with a lot of love. A necklace is a fabulous accessory and our designs are sure to make you stand out!

What are the benefits of acupuncture and herbal treatments?

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Stress, anxiety and depression are most common problems faced by the every section of society. Whether it is children, youth or old age at certain point of time every individual face such issues. There can be various reasons that invites these problems like study pressure in school and colleges, work stress in office, household tensions and many others. It is not necessary that there are medical solutions for every problem if you encounter any problem for which you are not finding any solution you opt for various other treatments. For...

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Improving Your Chances Of Success At Speed Dating Events

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Many people believe in love at first sight. They believe that just a single look is enough to tell you whether a person is the one you may choose to spend your entire life with. This commonly held belief is the underlying concept behind speed dating. What is speed dating? The concept of speed dating focuses on allowing singles to meet other singles. There are several companies which also focus on organizing events for speed dating in Melbourne over 50. Such events are organized with the purpose of allowing people above the age of 50 an...

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How did the first ink stamp come about?

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As of today, ink stamps have become a mandatory aspect for most of the business operations. If you ever wondered how the first ink stamp came about, the information available in this article will be useful for you. As per the sources, the history of rubber stamps is a very long one. The invention of industrial grade rubber took place – as a coincidence – in 1839 by Charles Goodyear as he spiller a sulphur mixture onto a gum rubber.  He patented this invention in 1844 as rubber vulcanising. By that time, people were using non-rubber materials...

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Five Reasons for You to Buy a Waist Bag

Posted by on 1:28 am in Fashion | Comments Off on Five Reasons for You to Buy a Waist Bag

Waist bags have developed a bad reputation over the years due to their distinct lack of aesthetic appeal, but when it comes to function, there is hardly anything more useful. There are many reasons why this sort of bag is definitively better than anyone gives it credit for, and it can be more than helpful on many occasions. In addition to being the perfect asset for travel, waistbags are perfectly wonderful for motorcycle, running and general use. You have a place to store all of your necessary belongings in a way that renders them relatively...

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How To Create Your Own Online Jewellery Store

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Are you interested to have extra income? If yes, then this video is going to help you a lot. You can easily make on an online jewellery designing store where you can invest low amount of money, in comparison to a brick and mortar store. Without jewellery it always seems as though a woman is incomplete. Now a day the gold and silver jewelleries are also being designed in a modernized manner. To make that and other artificial jewelleries the jewellery designing is the best way. This video is going to help you understand the jewellery designing...

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Engagement Ring Styles

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Proposing marriage is no easy task. However, when words are complemented with an exquisite engagement ring, the job becomes easier. A perfectly designed ring is just what every woman desires. Before you set off to buy that ring, consider a few things that you may need to know. Opalsworldwide.com.au blog can help resolve all your queries regarding the factors you need to lookout for when purchasing an engagement ring. Watch the video for answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding the purchase of engagement rings. It will give you...

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Jewellery Design by Regnas

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Wouldn’t you like it if each and every jewellery piece is custom designed by hand? It lends a sense of a personalisation to every design. In case your family has a history of wearing jewellery, it will be a great way to continue the legacy by wearing similar designs. Take a look at the different heraldic jewellery designs visible in this video. Different kinds of rings with unique designs can be seen here. Much of the jewellery can be ordered through an online store. You do not need to physically visit the jewellery store to place an order....

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Spring Jewelry Trends

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The good thing about getting online is, you can find easily find services that you otherwise have to specially spare time for. Much of the market has made available the convenience of websites and online ordering of stuff, from grocery and furniture, to rental services or service people for cleaning your homes. We at Opals World have taken up a similar venture – we make for you marvels of jewelry pieces available online. So be it an occasion to gift your loved one, or pampering yourself, browse for an amazing range of bracelets, finger rings,...

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Premier Designs of 2015-2016

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Jewellery designs are meant to enhance the beauty of women. The latest designs always get the women excited, and then they plead their husbands or boyfriends to get them the new ones. Necklaces on the neck are highly visible forms of jewellery. These are usually the ones seen first, closely followed by bracelets. Each year brings with itself new trends in jewellery design, which you can see in this video. It is said that metals are currently in trend, and so the material can be seen in necklaces. Round metal ornaments can be hanged from these...

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Unforgettable Romantics: The 2016 Spring Collection

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Jewellery design trends change with every passing year. A jewellery store or designer needs to be updated with the trends in design. What is popular in one year may not be so a few years down the line. This video brings to you the Spring Collection for 2016. Colours are delectably feminine, and they are both playful and elegant. Fascinating gems and rosy tones have been used to come up with delectable silhouettes. According to this video, Rose Gold is dominating the trend, because of which a rose-coloured watch has been shown alongside a...

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